Homes and energy

The UK’s 26 million homes are responsible for 14 per cent of its greenhouse gas emissions. The majority of these emissions are as a result of burning fossil fuels. In particular, gas use dominates domestic sector energy consumption, making up 81 per cent of consumption for heat purposes and 68% of overall domestic consumption.

With an estimated 158,000 tCO2e emissions arising from home energy in Rugby, there is an increasing need to ensure that all homes in the Borough can become more energy efficient and transition to more sustainable sources of energy. 

The Borough’s existing homes and associated energy uses will need to be significantly changed to reduce their impact on the environment and to ensure that they are resilient to the impacts of future climate change.  Equally, new housing in the Borough will need to be delivered from developments which are energy efficient and climate resilient.

Our 2030 Goals:

  • The Borough will benefit from energy efficient homes which utilise sustainable energy sources, leading to a reduction in residential related carbon emissions.

  • The Borough will benefit from homes which are more resilient to climate change and in particular, extreme weather events.

  • The Borough will benefit from new developments where homes have high levels of energy efficiency, minimise carbon emissions and are resilient to climate change.

  • We will lead by example by ensuring that the Council’s own housing stock has a reduced carbon footprint by 2027, with action being accelerated wherever possible.