Climate and nature positive communities

We recognise that achieving the levels of change which are required to address the climate emergency is not possible without the meaningful engagement and involvement of our residents and the local community. We need to collectively identify the issues and co-design and co-deliver sustainable solutions.

The third sector is particularly strong within our Borough and brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and passion.  Equally, the Parish Councils of the Borough have a strong history of delivering meaningful change at a local level. The Council must work effectively with third sector organisations and parish councils as equal partners, aligning our shared priorities to deliver joint action.

On an individual basis, our residents must have easy access to good quality information that enables them to make informed choices in areas such as home energy, transport options, shopping and waste management. We must listen to feedback from residents to better understand how we can support sustainable options to become more desirable and more viable

Our 2030 Goals:

  • The Borough will benefit from clear, accessible information relating to climate change, enabling residents to take individual action to live more sustainably.

  • The Borough will benefit from empowered Third Sector Organisations and Parish Councils who act as agents for change.

  • The Borough will benefit from a collective voice which engages with, and influences, all levels of government.

  • We will lead by example by maintaining meaningful engagement with our communities in all aspects of our climate change work, co-designing solutions with stakeholders.